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My Top 5

1. Sprinkle Donuts - These are my #1. The way some sprinkles melt in my mouth and some stay for me to chew them are one of the best parts of sprinkle donuts. I don’t care what flavor the donut is - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or just anything - because I love them all. Also, they look great and taste great. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you better

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Restaurant Advertising

Because of the coronavirus, people started to order more online than actually visiting the store. However, people started using online ordering based on their knowledge about which restaurant offers online ordering. To survive in this situation, restaurants should focus on making themselves known to people using advertisements. Then, what would be an

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As most of the schools in the United States have ended another year, we’re all excited that it’s summer break, but also curious about how summer 2020 is going to turn out. This year, many things have been different from previous years and I’m most definitely sure that this summer is also going to be different. Although

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Under one name

Donut shops are competing with each other, even though they know each other personally and they belong in one same group. They have many similarities that tie them. But do they have to compete for customers by taking away customers from other donut shops? It does not have to be! Donut shops in Texas can be tied together under one brand. And this will give

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Things are Getting Better!

Nowadays, things are getting better day by day and it seems like everyone is getting hold of this time. I’ve already seen a few open stores, and even the tennis courts are open! This is great news for me because I have been stuck in my house doing nothing, but now I can play tennis. Anyway, it’s important to know that

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Types of Donuts


These are the sprinkled donuts. There are many types of sprinkled donuts, but these are the main ones. Chocolate with Sprinkle, White with Sprinkle, and Strawberry with Sprinkle. I LOVE sprinkled donuts so so much because they make everything so good and colorful. I can’t imagine what I’d do without

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Coronavirus is still rampant outside. Especially, the United States of America is having one-third of the coronavirus patients in the world. This coronavirus has changed many things, and it is still making many changes. Coronavirus made people do quarantine and made restaurants unable to providing dine-in options to the customers when it started. It was

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Make Your Own Delivery System

Currently, Donut shops need delivery systems, and the easiest way they can provide delivery systems is by using third delivery parties, like Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhubs. However, is that beneficial to the shops? The change in the donut shop expense is based on the presence of the delivery system. If the donut shops use the delivery system provided by

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Recently, I’ve realized that there are many people whose birthdays are during this tragic time. However, birthdays are supposed to be happy, fun, and full of blessings. So, if you need to get something for someone on their birthday to make their day, you can order online and get Birthday Donuts! First of all, it’s a good idea for friends or families to

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Delivery systems

The most attractive choice for restaurants nowadays is the delivery system, since people usually prefer using a delivery system rather than picking up the food at the restaurants. Donut shops are the same. While the customers who pick up the food directly from the donut shops were reduced to ⅓ of the people who came to the donut shops before the

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