My Top 5

My Top 5

three donuts with sprinkle toppings

1. Sprinkle Donuts – These are my #1. The way some sprinkles melt in my mouth and some stay for me to chew them are one of the best parts of sprinkle donuts. I don’t care what flavor the donut is – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or just anything – because I love them all. Also, they look great and taste great. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you better be ordering them right now!

2. Glazed Donuts – These are my #2, though they’re sometimes my #1. It depends on the shop because some donut shops make amazing glazed donuts, but some are better at making other kinds of donuts. However, I always get glazed donuts from every donut shop because it is a MUST-HAVE! Honestly, if I have to judge donut shops, then I’d judge by how good their glazed donuts are.

Powder Sugar, Sugar, Powder, Falling, Donut, Doughnuts

3. Donut Holes – These are my #3. Whenever I get donuts, the first thing I choose to eat is the donut hole. I don’t care about the flavor, – since I love them all- so I grab the first donut hole that comes into my view. My favorite part about donut holes is that they’re the perfect size for your mouth (one bite), so you don’t have to worry about being smeared with the glaze or anything. And obviously, they are DELICIOUS.

Donut, Berlin, Jam, Filling, Carnival

4. Jelly (Jam) Donut – These are my #4. As you can see in the picture above, a jelly or jam donut is a donut filled with jam filling. This donut is almost the same as a original donut, but it doesn’t have a hole in the middle. Instead, they have the jam filling! If you’re one of those who never tried a jelly (jam) donut yet, then try them now!

Donuts, Chocolate, Apple Fritter, Vanilla Sugar

5. Apple Fritters – These are my #5. I want to make this one thing clear: my #1 and my #5 had the slightest difference, which means sprinkle donuts were barely better than apple fritters. The ranking could change, depending on the shop since every shop has different advantages and disadvantages, so apple fritters are sometimes my #1. Obviously, apple fritters are super amazing, and thinking of it makes me hungry!Bonus.

Bonus. Character Donuts – These are ALWAYS my favorite! As you can see, they look so good, and they are so good! Every single detail of a character donut surprises me, and it’s also one of the things that makes character donuts special. In the picture above, the unicorn horn, roses, eyelashes, ears, and the colors are so perfect and awe-inspiring, and as I said, these are the ones that make this unicorn donut special.