Month: June 2020

Let’s Be Careful

Nowadays, many people are going out, hanging out with their friends or family outside, or go on a vacation. These are telling us that things are getting better and that there is always hope. However, we can’t get too comfortable about going out because coronavirus is still out there. So let’s be careful, and think about every little thing we do when we are

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Will Coronavirus end?

Restaurants are slowly making themselves fully functional, as Texas law allows restaurants to make customers use 75% of the facility seats. Around Dallas, there are about 30,000 confirmed coronavirus holders. As Texas law slowly starts to allow people to stop quarantine and go to enjoy the free time they have, the stores will gradually recover their store

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My Top 5

1. Sprinkle Donuts - These are my #1. The way some sprinkles melt in my mouth and some stay for me to chew them are one of the best parts of sprinkle donuts. I don’t care what flavor the donut is - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or just anything - because I love them all. Also, they look great and taste great. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you better

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Restaurant Advertising

Because of the coronavirus, people started to order more online than actually visiting the store. However, people started using online ordering based on their knowledge about which restaurant offers online ordering. To survive in this situation, restaurants should focus on making themselves known to people using advertisements. Then, what would be an

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