Month: February 2021

Why I Love Donuts

In my opinion, donuts are the BEST food in this world. The advantages of donuts just make me speechless. Since I had them a lot, there’s a chance for me to be sick of donuts, but every time I eat them, it always feels like it’s my first time eating donuts. Although there are many reasons why I love donuts, the three main reasons are how good they taste, how

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Morning Donuts

Have you ever experienced how you are unable to focus on certain tasks after having breakfast with egg fry, bacon, and water? Consuming donuts is the solution to this problem.

Donuts are one of the main foods that people consume in breakfast. It is delicious food that can easily get just by entering donut shops and picking them up. These

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Happy New Year!!

Day by day, the world is overflowing with the increasing number of infected people. COVID-19 is trying hard to get us all. But we can't and shouldn't be scared of it. The only thing you have to do is staying home and it's that plain and simple. However, it will be a bit different when it comes to the new year. Many people want to celebrate the new year

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Too Cold! Too Dangerous!

Recently, Texas experienced a rare event, heavy snowfall. Since Texas is close to the Equator, they have high average temperatures, and the temperature usually did not drop below the freezing point. However, heavy snowfall came to Texas in recent years. Snowing days can be enjoyable to people, but they should also be aware of dangers. First of all,

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