Morning Donuts

Morning Donuts

Have you ever experienced how you are unable to focus on certain tasks after having breakfast with egg fry, bacon, and water? Consuming donuts is the solution to this problem. 

Donuts are one of the main foods that people consume in breakfast. It is delicious food that can easily get just by entering donut shops and picking them up. These donuts are beneficial when you intake in the morning because it has ingredients you need in the morning for your brain.

Brain has a lot of cells, about millions of neuron cells. And since these neurons are active and consume energy when people think, the brain needs to supply the energy they need quickly to support the activation of the neuron cells. And sugar was one material that met their demand.

The brain uses sugar to be active. To be precise, the brain uses a sugar molecule called “glucose,” which is a simple form of carbohydrate that can be broken easily for energy. This glucose has to be present in the blood for a certain ratio (usually 115mg/dL) to make the brain do its function.

Sugar is not only the energy source of the brain, but it is the material that the brain needs to make neurotransmitters. A neurotransmitter called acetylcholine is a chemical that is released by the neuron to increase learning and remembering abilities, and help you control attention, body movement, and feeling. 

However, there is a type of neurotransmitter that suppresses the work of acetylcholine: adenosine. These neurotransmitters, which could be created by the concentration of yesterday, can make people feel unclear even if they got the sugar they need to make the brain work. This problem can be solved by caffeine, which suppresses the adenosine and blocks them from doing its work, which will make people able to start the day refreshed.

Eating donuts and coffee as breakfast is a wise choice. It will make people start the day with a clear mind and a working brain, which will increase your learning and memory, leading to make you able to think clearly and feel renewed.