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Before I go into writing about things, let me say this one thing first: I LOVE DONUTS! Although I have loved donuts for a long time, I forgot that I loved donuts SO MUCH because I didn’t have them for a while. However, thankfully, I had donuts just a few days ago, and I couldn’t get enough! I’m sure you also love donuts,

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National Donut Day 6/4/2021

June 4th is National Donut Day! I hope people enjoy the donuts and get some free donuts! When National Donut Day comes, look around and find which stores are providing national donut day events and free donuts!! National donut day is always in the first week’s Friday of June. It is created to remember people who served food to the soldiers in World War I.

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Cute Donuts!

Today, I’m gonna be talking about character donuts. Some of the donut shops have character donuts, and some don’t. It’s not a big deal if they don’t have it, but still, when they do have it, it’s really fun to look at how they made it and the similarities and differences between the donut and the character. Now let’s begin looking at character

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Why Korean Donut Shops should be Under One Name.

There are about 1,600 donut shops that are run Koreans in DFW. You might think, ‘that’s a lot of chain stores.’ However, the thing is, they are not chain stores, but just plenty of different donuts shops owned by Koreans in one area. Obviously, there are many advantages of being separate, but there are also definitely many disadvantages to being separate.

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Why are Donuts called ‘Donuts?”

Nowadays, people are so used to calling donuts ‘donuts,’ but do we all know why they are called ‘donuts?’ One time, a question suddenly popped up in my mind: Why are donuts called ‘donuts?’ Although we may not know why donuts are called ‘donuts’ right now, after reading this article, I am sure you will understand why. First of all, I think you should

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Why I Love Donuts

In my opinion, donuts are the BEST food in this world. The advantages of donuts just make me speechless. Since I had them a lot, there’s a chance for me to be sick of donuts, but every time I eat them, it always feels like it’s my first time eating donuts. Although there are many reasons why I love donuts, the three main reasons are how good they taste, how

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Morning Donuts

Have you ever experienced how you are unable to focus on certain tasks after having breakfast with egg fry, bacon, and water? Consuming donuts is the solution to this problem.

Donuts are one of the main foods that people consume in breakfast. It is delicious food that can easily get just by entering donut shops and picking them up. These

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Happy New Year!!

Day by day, the world is overflowing with the increasing number of infected people. COVID-19 is trying hard to get us all. But we can't and shouldn't be scared of it. The only thing you have to do is staying home and it's that plain and simple. However, it will be a bit different when it comes to the new year. Many people want to celebrate the new year

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Too Cold! Too Dangerous!

Recently, Texas experienced a rare event, heavy snowfall. Since Texas is close to the Equator, they have high average temperatures, and the temperature usually did not drop below the freezing point. However, heavy snowfall came to Texas in recent years. Snowing days can be enjoyable to people, but they should also be aware of dangers. First of all,

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Wrapping Up 2020

This year has been just too unique from all the other years. I saw this tweet where Twitter asked to describe “2020 in one word,” so all the famous companies--Netflix, Microsoft Edge, Adobe, Lego, Zoom, YouTube, etc.--were replying with “whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?,” “Ctrl + Z,” “404,” “Ouch🦶,” “Unstable,” “Unsubscribe,” etc. After reading this tweet, I was surprised

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