Cute Donuts!

Cute Donuts!

Today, I’m gonna be talking about character donuts. Some of the donut shops have character donuts, and some don’t. It’s not a big deal if they don’t have it, but still, when they do have it, it’s really fun to look at how they made it and the similarities and differences between the donut and the character. Now let’s begin looking at character donuts!

I would like to begin with an emoji donut, not a character donut. Although character donuts are awesome, I believe that every donut is amazing in its way, including character donuts. This donut, from the beginning, makes me laugh because of the creativity. I never thought there would be an emoji donut, so when I saw this, I was awestruck.

The first character donut I want to show you is this cute little unicorn! The roses, the horn, the white icing, all the colors, eyelashes, and just everything in this little unicorn fit well. This one made me want to eat it at first sight.

Now, look at this mermaid donut! The blue icing is representing the perfect sea, the seashells are looking amazing, and the mermaid needs no words. Even though we can’t see her face, it is still absolutely beautiful.

This is another donut of a mermaid! Like I said at first, it is entertaining to look at how different shops made them so different when they’re the same thing. Pink, white, blue, and purple are my favorite colors and they look so gorgeous.

Ah, don’t you love this cute frog donut? It’s so cute and creative! The eyes are made of marshmallows and chocolates and are delicious. I love how they used red to make it even better.

Okay, I don’t think I have to say this, but this one is cute. I’m not a big fan of Pokemon, but the shape of this Pikachu donut is awesome, and so as the colors. Yellow, brown and red! I mean, it is a cute little Pikachu donut and it makes me want to get this right now.

This one, like the emoji donut, is not a character donut, but a donut with the word “love.” First of all, I would like to say that it’s beautiful. The word “love” in cursive, the letter “O” looking like a heart and filled with red is super pretty when the background is white!

Oh my goodness, a cookie monster donut with a cookie! What else do you need? If I could just have this right now… I can taste the chocolate icing melting with blue sprinkles, marshmallow & chocolate eyes, and a chocolate chip cookie even though I’ve never tried this donut.

Look at this cute Minnie Mouse donut! I love how they used white icing and white, red, and pink sprinkles. This donut is gorgeous… It makes me so hungry right now. I think they even glazed the donut before they put the icing on the donut!! Okay, now I want this.

And here it is, another thing from Pokemon, which is a Pokeball donut! The red sprinkles look SO GOOD. I can already feel the sprinkles and the icing in my mouth… Sprinkles, sprinkles, sprinkles… I love sprinkles!

Now, this is a fruit donut, not a character donut, and wow, this looks great. Especially the cherry! I don’t know what that is, but it looks like jelly to me. It might be wrong, really. But whatever it is, it looks good. And that is what matters most.

Watermelon donut! I want this one so bad right now. The thing on top of the donut, which is representing a slice of watermelon, looks DELICIOUS. I think that’s a jelly, too, like the cherry donut above, but Woah, everything is represented perfectly.

Is it just me, but did you also go, “WOW…” and just lost your words. I know this is not a character donut also, but a rainbow donut. However, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it looks so good and that IT IS SO GOOD. 

Well, I’m very hungry right now from looking at all these amazing donuts, so gotta go eat something. These are the donuts I wanted to show you, and I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day and eat donuts!