Month: April 2020

Make Your Own Delivery System

Currently, Donut shops need delivery systems, and the easiest way they can provide delivery systems is by using third delivery parties, like Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhubs. However, is that beneficial to the shops? The change in the donut shop expense is based on the presence of the delivery system. If the donut shops use the delivery system provided by

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Recently, I’ve realized that there are many people whose birthdays are during this tragic time. However, birthdays are supposed to be happy, fun, and full of blessings. So, if you need to get something for someone on their birthday to make their day, you can order online and get Birthday Donuts! First of all, it’s a good idea for friends or families to

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Delivery systems

The most attractive choice for restaurants nowadays is the delivery system, since people usually prefer using a delivery system rather than picking up the food at the restaurants. Donut shops are the same. While the customers who pick up the food directly from the donut shops were reduced to ⅓ of the people who came to the donut shops before the

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Remember Donuts

I know you’re scared, feel like your time has stopped, the world is going on without you and everyone is doing fine except for you, but trust me, almost EVERYONE is feeling that way, including me. I’m happy for you if you don’t feel this way. Anyway, since our world is going through this big, serious and horrible time, I

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Happy Easter!

Currently, Easter seems not so exciting as it was in other years, as COVID-19 is running rampantly. We can not go out, restaurants are closed, and events prepared for Easter are all canceled. Some restaurants and food shops are providing delivery services, but that is not enough to celebrate Easter. One way to celebrate Easter while replacing the canceled

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April Fools’ Day

April fools day was four days ago. I want to share some fun tricks that you can do with donuts on April Fools' day!  1. Donut seeds What would you think when there is a tree which bears donuts rather than flowers? I would think that this is great, since I can supply consumable donuts if they are safe to eat. To do this trick, you should have a paper

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STAY HOME!! Day by day, the world is overflowing with the increasing number of infected people. Coronavirus is trying hard to get us all. However, we can't and shouldn't be scared but rather try to get through it. The only thing you have to do is staying home and that’s it. It is that plain and simple. I am also in this quarantine and it is so boring

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