Recently, I’ve realized that there are many people whose birthdays are during this tragic time. However, birthdays are supposed to be happy, fun, and full of blessings. So, if you need to get something for someone on their birthday to make their day, you can order online and get Birthday Donuts!

First of all, it’s a good idea for friends or families to get Birthday Donuts for the birthday girl or boy. Since we have to distance ourselves from each other, it’s hard for us to get and give birthday gifts. However, there are still ways to make people’s days. Ordering online does not make you go outside and have to make you interact with people. You just have to order online and they will delivery it to you. So order online and put the address as your friend’s house and you just made their day!

Second of all, think about how happy the birthday girl or boy would be when they got Birthday Donuts for a surprise! A lot of my friends’ birthdays were in April and I felt sorry for them because they can’t meet up with people, can’t have a birthday party, can’t celebrate, can’t get gifts from friends and maybe not even from their family. Even though I can’t go see my friends because of coronavirus, I can still make my friends happy, and I wanted to. So I thought ordering Birthday Donuts online for my friend on her birthday would be awesome. Later, when my friend got Birthday Donuts that I ordered, she told me that she was crying. I was so glad that I could make her day and it was SO worth it.

Although the time we are in is not good, but we’re all going through it, as one. No matter what, there are always so many things to be grateful for and so many things to make the best out of the worst.

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