Month: March 2020

Staying Home

Starting from March 23rd, most of Texas began the stay at home policy to stop coronavirus from spreading. This was a decision made by the government of each county, since community spreading of the virus- which is people affected by coronavirus moving and affecting places- is a major concern. Governments did this with the hope that aggressive action in the

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Coronavirus and restaurants

The Corona 19 virus has impacted many aspects of our life. Some people can not go out, and school is closed. However, the jobs that are damaged the most are people who are working in restaurants, like chefs. As the corona 19 virus spreads rapidly, people started to restrict their outside activity to not to get caught by the virus. One of the actions that

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Coronavirus and Stores

As we all know, coronavirus is very serious nowadays and it is all around the world. Because of coronavirus, spring break has been extended, many countries blocked airport runway, people work from home, 50 or more people can’t be in one place(it changes everyday), churches worship online, products like water, toilet paper, kitchen towel, etc. are mostly out

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Today I had Donuts

As the title says, today, I had some very awesome donuts from the morning to evening, which means that my day started with donuts and ended with donuts. Of course, the donuts were super great and since I had donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with other food, it made my day. I wouldn’t be this happy by now if I just had the other food, not including

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New Donut Advertisement

Donut Shops existed for many years. It started in the 17th century, and it spreads rapidly as donut’s popularity does not die out. However, people now have to worry about achieving more customers as the number of donut shops increase, which makes people to compete to make customers come to their store. Therefore, donut shops make creative advertisement plans

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3rd party delivery service

Wouldn’t it be beneficial when there is a delivery system for a donut? Some people do not eat the donut because driving to the donut shop can take a long time as traffic jams are severe, like people who are going to work, and parents who are dropping children to school. Morning traffic is the toughest time to drive, but to get fresh donut breakfast, you have

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Donut related products

The donut shape is unique. This is good for enterprises to make unique products. People produce their idea based on the donuts, which make donut-like items to be not only efficient, but also enjoyable. Donut tape Donut shapes can be related to many products, and one of them is donut tape. Usually, tape is surrounding a plastic circle with the hole in

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