Donut related products

Donut related products

The donut shape is unique. This is good for enterprises to make unique products. People produce their idea based on the donuts, which make donut-like items to be not only efficient, but also enjoyable.

  1. Donut tape

Donut shapes can be related to many products, and one of them is donut tape. Usually, tape is surrounding a plastic circle with the hole in the middle. If this shape is maintained and there is a cutter attached to this shape, the tape does not have to have a limited shape when they are made. This makes tape to mimic donut shape to add a specialty to the product with more comfortable gripping experience, since donut shape is easy to grab.

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2. Six-pack donut shirt

When you think about a six-pack, what object that most closely resembles abs comes to your mind? Well, after seeing this t-shirt, you would think donuts, since it seems to resemble it, which gives humor to others when you wear this t-shirt!

3. Donut Tube

Tube shape resembles a donut, which caused people to make a tube with donut image. However, since it is not unique to make a tube with a donut shape, so people made the tube shape as donut bit once in the corner. This makes the tube unique with its donut image and bite marking!

4. Eye patch with donut eyes

Donuts can be used as don’t when people are making comedy with donuts. On this eye patch, it says “donut disturb” with 2 donuts drawn on place where each eye is. This can give people the feeling that you are watching them, and also give you comfortable sleep by warning others to not to disrupt you!

Donut Disturb Soft Womens Sleep Masks by LazyOne | Fun Animal Sleepmasks for Travel, Home, Camping Use (ONE Size)

5. Donut headband

Mickey mouse headband is famous, and this made people relate donut shape with headband. By doing so, a donut headband was made, which resembles a Mickey mouse headband since this replaced Mickey’s ear into donuts!

Dress Up America Girls Party Donut Headband - Theme Party Hat Tiara Decorations

6. Donut Stand

This is a product that is not related to donut shape, but the usage of this item is related to donut. It enables people to use holes that donuts have to make donuts more organized and make people able to place it on the table without taking much space.

Acrylic Donut Stands Clear Bagels 5 Inch Round Stand Holder Doughnut Dessert Stand Table for Christmas Wedding Birthday Party (2, 12 Inch)

Many creative objects are related to donuts. Some of them are interesting, while others are humorous. I thank donuts for giving various ideas for creation!