Month: July 2020

Help Restaurants!

Coronavirus is making people have a difficult time, from economic hardship toward people to confinement of people. Well, people who are running restaurants are damaged the most, as many restaurants are run by individuals. Unlike other types of outdoor businesses that are run by many people by getting investments from people, the restaurants run by

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How to Use Time Wisely:

Nowadays, we have so much time these days, and it seems like many of us don’t know what to do with it. But we all know for sure that we should do something very meaningful and useful during this time. Although the situation we are in is not the best, but we can always make this better and brighter by using our time wisely. One of the ways to use our time

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Online order system

Starting and running donut shops is not an easy task. First, people have to equip themselves with materials needed to make donuts and find the place to open the donut shop. Then, they have to have a permit and go through the health inspection. Also, they have to find the suppliers who would provide them with food ingredients that are needed to make

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Independence Day

Independence day this year will be unusual, as the coronavirus pandemic has affected our lifestyles significantly. Because of the coronavirus, people are still not going out as they did before the coronavirus. This coronavirus outbreak made many events and businesses that make many people gather in one place to be canceled or closed. However, there are some

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