Help Restaurants!

Help Restaurants!

Coronavirus is making people have a difficult time, from economic hardship toward people to confinement of people. Well, people who are running restaurants are damaged the most, as many restaurants are run by individuals.

Unlike other types of outdoor businesses that are run by many people by getting investments from people, the restaurants run by individuals can not be active if individuals have not enough money to operate the restaurants. Because of this, the number of unemployed people in this business area increased significantly as the coronavirus pandemic started.

To help people who are in a dire situation in running shops or people who lost their jobs, many people started the support programs. These programs provide help on National, State, and local levels.

On the National level, There are support programs initiated by Lee Initiative, National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, One Fair Wage, Restaurants Opportunities Center United, Restaurants Workers’ Community Foundation, and James Beard Foundation; And on the State level, there is a program made by the Southern Smoke Foundation. Also, some representatives are working to provide relief funds to businesses and unemployed people.

I hope you can go through these hard times using whatever available to you.            

Stay safe!

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