Month: September 2020

The History of the Donut

Doughnut(a.k.a donut) is one of our staple food. Doughnut is a food that is essential in our breakfast table. But how were doughnuts made? Archaeologists found many fossils that resemble doughnuts in prehistoric Native American settlements, Roman and Greek civilization, and in medieval European remains. But clear recorded history of doughnut started in

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Glazed Donut Recipe

Glazed donuts are the most common donuts in donut shops and are truly delicious. It would be very good if these donuts are readily available in our house. To do this, you can store a large amount of glazed donut in your house, but since freshness disappears in a short time, it would not be as satisfying as when you just bought it. Therefore, to have a fresh

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