Glazed Donut Recipe

Glazed Donut Recipe

Glazed donuts are the most common donuts in donut shops and are truly delicious. It would be very good if these donuts are readily available in our house. To do this, you can store a large amount of glazed donut in your house, but since freshness disappears in a short time, it would not be as satisfying as when you just bought it. Therefore, to have a fresh glazed donut at any time, the best way is to make it!

Although homemade glazed donuts can not fully replicate the flavor of glazed donut made in donut shops with various donut making tools and their secret techniques, it is unquestionably delicious!

The donut making takes some time, about 2 hours, but it does not require much labor. Since dough needs time to make yeast do its work, it takes most of the time.  

The ingredients that are needed to make the donut are:            (ts=teaspoon)

-Milk(whole is better for soft dough)(9/8 cup)        -Dry Yeast(of any type)(3 ts)

-All-purpose Flour(4 cups)        -Salt(½ ts)            -Oil for frying(4 cups)

-Butter(5/4 cube, melted)        -sugar(¼ cup)            -eggs(2eggs)

And ingredients that are needed to make the glaze for the donut are:

-Butter(½ ts)            -Vanilla Extract(1 ts)        -Sugar(3 cups)       

-Milk(⅓ cup)            -Salt(¼ ts)

1. Making a Dough

The first step of making the dough is making milk warm, about 100 °F. If milk is hot, it will kill all the yeast, and if milk is cold, it will slow the metabolism of the yeast. In both cases, it will result in the disappearance of the softness of donuts. This milk is soon mixed with the yeast and sugar and rested for 5 to 10 minutes.

While yeast is thriving in the sugar milk, make a mixture form by eggs, butter, and salt. Beat the egg and pour it into the bowl, and add melted butter and salt. After mixing the ingredients in the bowl, pour the mixture into the bowl with sugar milk mixture.

After merging two compounds, add the flour little by little to it. Some people divide flour into ½ cups or 2 cups to add it. Then using a machine or hand, mix the compound after putting in the portion of the flour. After placing in all the flour, knead it until the powder becomes stiff.

2. Making a Shape

After making the dough, you need to shape the dough to make it look like a donut. First, make the dough to be ⅓ or ¼ inches thick. Then, with a donut cutter, cut the donuts into ring shapes and remove the center. After that, place each dough to have room between each other, which will help them to not merge when doughs expand because of yeast. After placing the dough, let it rest for some time to make their size double, which will make donut soft.

3. Frying the donut

When the donut’s size has doubled after some time, we should proceed to the donut frying step. First, pour oil into the pan or fryer and make the temperature of the oil into 350°F~375°F. Then, place one side of the dough into the oil. After 45 to 60 seconds later, flip the donut. Repeat this step until the donut’s side resembles a golden brown color. 

4. Glazing

First, put all the materials needed for the glazing in one bowl and mix it (melt the butter), and this compound will be a glaze. After that, when fried donuts are cooled, like 90°F~130°F, dip the donuts into the glaze and pull it immediately. Now, we made glazed donuts!

I hope you like the taste of the donut!