Online order system

Online order system

Starting and running donut shops is not an easy task. First, people have to equip themselves with materials needed to make donuts and find the place to open the donut shop. Then, they have to have a permit and go through the health inspection. Also, they have to find the suppliers who would provide them with food ingredients that are needed to make donuts. 

If people have made the donut shop, the next difficult mission, running the donut shop, comes up. First, they need to develop the menus that would satisfy the customers, advertising customers to make them acknowledge your donut shop’s presence, and train employees to make the store run smoothly. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are few more things that donut shops should focus on to continue running the donut shop. One of them is an online order system. 

Online order systems are essential for stores to make significant profits nowadays, as people are not going out as much as they did last year. Since people are not going out and do not want to go out, people who are running the donut shops have to face decreased income. Even if donut shop owners want to make the online order system, what waits for them is a complicated process with high expenditure. 

To make the online order system, donut shop owners first have to buy their servers and make their website. Then, they have to make the system that would notify them about who ordered and what the customer ordered. This process will take about 14 to 15 weeks. However, this is not the only problem.

The other problem is the cost; to buy a server, people have to pay at least $1000-$3000 and to run the server, it costs about $700-$1000. After buying the server, you have to pay about $1000 to make the website. There is also a cost of creating a program that would notify people what the customer ordered and who the customer is. Some people could think that they can share this development fee with others, but one server can usually hold about 500 sites. And when running the websites that will display menus and store customer orders for one donut store, this area for 500 websites will be filled in a second.

If the online ordering system development seems difficult, donut shop owners can make others provide an online ordering system for them. However, it still costs a lot, as the monthly cost for using this service is around $30-$60.

Online ordering systems are becoming necessary for stores. I hope donut shops can make a wise choice about providing an online ordering system.