Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence day this year will be unusual, as the coronavirus pandemic has affected our lifestyles significantly. Because of the coronavirus, people are still not going out as they did before the coronavirus. This coronavirus outbreak made many events and businesses that make many people gather in one place to be canceled or closed. However, there are some ways that we can enjoy Independence day. 

Because of the coronavirus, there will be many people who have a lot of free time. One of the ways they can enjoy Independence day with this free time is by watching youtube videos. Some people would perform music on youtube to celebrate Independence day or stream the party or events on youtube. Also, there are virtual tours about the museums and parades that would make your eyes enjoyable.

People who have children can have time with their children while learning the origin of the Independence day. If you explore the National Archives digitally, then you can see what the document of the Declaration of Independence looks like today. Then, you can introduce your kids about elementary school classics, Schoolhouse Rock: Fireworks. You can also check out the animated series, Liberty’s Kids, that explains significant moments in America’s history with details.

Also, on special days, we can not go without parties. You can have a BBQ party, or invite friends to join your party. And at parties, there must be food! Since today is Independence day, you should try to set foods that would remind you of Independence day, like donuts glazed with the color and shape of the flag of the United States. There are various foods that you can prepare for the party, but don’t forget to show your sense by using foods that resemble the flag of the United States.

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