Coronavirus and restaurants

Coronavirus and restaurants

The Corona 19 virus has impacted many aspects of our life. Some people can not go out, and school is closed. However, the jobs that are damaged the most are people who are working in restaurants, like chefs.

As the corona 19 virus spreads rapidly, people started to restrict their outside activity to not to get caught by the virus. One of the actions that people stopped doing was not going to the restaurant, and this action damaged the economy of restaurants.

The fact that the number of people who are not using restaurants drastically increased made restaurants in critical condition. The estimated income of the restaurants in 2020 was about 899 billion dollars, but according to, this estimated income reduced by 225 billion dollars for these few weeks, which made the estimated income to change from 899 billion dollars to 674 dollars.

This big damage to the economy of restaurants is also caused by state and local government actions. Many states made some regulations and suggestions to prevent the spreading of corona 19 virus, and as for Texas, the government issued some orders. One of them is that more than ten people should not gather in one place, and the other one is that schools should close temporarily. 

But the problem of these orders to restaurants is that one of the rules recommended people not to eat in restaurants or bars. It is an understandable decision since people gather in restaurants, and this gathering can easily spread corona 19 virus if the virus is present. However, this order made many restaurants to close the door temporarily and made them survive only with their savings.

Some people might think that teachers are most damaged by this order, but since schools are run by the government, teachers still get paid. Also, teachers now do telecommuting by teaching kids online, so teachers have not been damaged much.

Other than the Texas government’s orders, which suggest people about their action to prevent the virus from spreading, Dallas made all the people take action to prevent the virus from spreading. One of the acts that the Dallas government made is prohibiting dining in the restaurant, which made restaurants without delivery systems to close.

Because of dine-in prohibition and a reduced number of customers who use dine-in options, restaurants could not earn much money to sustain themselves, which made them look for a life-saving route. However, the only way they can sell their products effectively was the delivery system, and restaurants without delivery systems had to look for the third party delivery service or close their restaurants temporarily.

Using a third-party delivery system is a new option for restaurants to survive in this pandemic crisis, and this will make people able to enjoy food made in restaurants with a lower chance of virus spreading. Also, this will make restaurants to cover some of the economic damage they had because of dine-in prohibition.