Staying Home

Staying Home

Starting from March 23rd, most of Texas began the stay at home policy to stop coronavirus from spreading. This was a decision made by the government of each county, since community spreading of the virus- which is people affected by coronavirus moving and affecting places- is a major concern. Governments did this with the hope that aggressive action in the beginning will be more effective than any other response toward the spreading of the coronavirus.

However, this made all the unnecessary economic work to freeze, including restaurants and food shops like donut shops. This is also one of the work governments done with the concern of community spreading, but they do recognize that restaurants and food shops are necessary actions for some people. Therefore, they allowed them to provide pickup services and delivery services.

Of course, other entertaining businesses also closed, starting from Six Flag to Main event to Cinemark. This made people unable to go out to play. And on March 25th, even gyms and tennis courts were closed.

People now have free time, since they do not have to work and go to their workplace for several days because there is a coronavirus. And since school is closed, students also do not have to go out. Therefore, people can enjoy more time with their family. But during this time, what can people do without any entertainment businesses?

Well, they can cook, like donuts,

Or they can play video games like league of legend and board games like Pandemic Legacy. Also, they can have a movie night party with friends and family.