New Donut Advertisement

New Donut Advertisement

Donut Shops existed for many years. It started in the 17th century, and it spreads rapidly as donut’s popularity does not die out. However, people now have to worry about achieving more customers as the number of donut shops increase, which makes people to compete to make customers come to their store. Therefore, donut shops make creative advertisement plans which are helpful and enjoyable for customers.

One of the advertisements donut shops used was games. Some donut shops made arcade games that can bring back memories of childhood, like racing games and fighting games, when they made new types of donuts. This made people remember and get fond of the donut shop that provided the game.

Another creative advertisement is donut making that donut shops provide. These donut shops gave customers donuts that are not glazed, glazing brush, and glazes to provide opportunities to people to make their donuts.

There is more advertisement that is creative and meaningful: providing necessities to people. This does not seem to be special when there is no big crisis, but since there is a coronavirus pandemic, this can help many people and bring attention to customers. They are merely distributing the stored necessities in the store like tissues, not buying them in the market, which makes this action more meaningful.

Some advertisements, like the delivery system, are significant. Donut shops provide customers delivery system with the help of a 3rd party, which is very surprising considering that it was opposed by donut because of taste loss. However, with the delivery system, people could easily get donuts without any experience of traffic jams.

There are many systems that stores use to advertise their donuts. These are helpful and entertaining, which help customers to have memorable experiences about certain donut shops. It is good to experience new creative advertisements.