Why I Love Donuts

Why I Love Donuts

In my opinion, donuts are the BEST food in this world. The advantages of donuts just make me speechless. Since I had them a lot, there’s a chance for me to be sick of donuts, but every time I eat them, it always feels like it’s my first time eating donuts. Although there are many reasons why I love donuts, the three main reasons are how good they taste, how they’re helpful in the mornings, and how they are perfect for gifts or birthdays.

First of all, the fact that donuts taste so good makes me wanna have them right now. I know some people’s opinions are different from mine, and I know they think donuts taste bad. But the majority of the people in this world think donuts taste amazing, like me. The harmony of flour and sugar is mind-blowing. When you bite the donut, you feel the softness of the donut, the sweetness of the glaze, and the mixture of both of them needs no words. How can I not love donuts when they taste super awesome?

Second of all, donuts are so helpful in the mornings, when I’m so busy. In the mornings, I don’t have a lot of time to eat breakfast, so I always have to eat breakfast as fast as I can. But when I have donuts, I can just eat one or two and I would already be full. This prevents me from eating too fast and having indigestion, which would hurt me for the rest of the day. Having my stomach hurt because I was eating it too fast has happened to me. However, donuts don’t make me rush but make me have time to eat my breakfast leisurely. 

Lastly, donuts are perfect for gifts or birthdays. As there are many different types of donuts in the world, there are also types of donuts for birthdays and gifts. I would love to get donuts that are each shaped HAPPY BIRTHDAY for my birthday. Moreover, I would love to get cute donuts for a gif, toot! It may be because I love cute and pretty things, but it’s also because they taste so good and are helpful in many ways. Opening a box filled with gorgeous donuts would wonderful!

In conclusion, I love donuts because they taste good, are very helpful in the busy mornings, and are great for gifts and birthdays. Donuts are so amazing in every way, and that is why I love them so much. It would be very nice if everyone in this world tries donuts at least for once and it would also be nice if they love donuts, like me.