Coronavirus and Stores

Coronavirus and Stores

As we all know, coronavirus is very serious nowadays and it is all around the world. Because of coronavirus, spring break has been extended, many countries blocked airport runway, people work from home, 50 or more people can’t be in one place(it changes everyday), churches worship online, products like water, toilet paper, kitchen towel, etc. are mostly out of stock, etc. Moreover, coronavirus also has impacts on stores and restaurants, including donut shops. Coronavirus stops people going to stores and only do pickup and delivery service.

Since there are many people with coronavirus and it spreads fast, people are avoiding going to stores and stores are only allowed to do pickup and delivery service. Not only stores but malls and all the other places that are requiring customers are all so empty. Like I said, even the government only allowed pickup and delivery service. Yesterday, I ordered Domino’s online and went to pick my precious pizzas up. But when I tried to go into the store, the paper on the door said, ‘please call us and we will bring the pizza to your car.’ I was surprised in the beginning, but then realized how they had to do it. Yesterday was when I truly recognized the impact coronavirus has on the customer-required-places.

Because people are avoiding to go to stores and stores are only allowed to do pickup and delivery service, many stores are wanting to use online orders and delivery, using Uber Eats. One time, I was next to a person who called Uber Eats and we waited for more than 3 minutes, but no one answered because everyone was already helping others. Since there are so many people trying to do delivery service, nearly everyone is contacting Uber Eats, so they are very busy nowadays. I even felt bad for the people working in Uber Eats.

In conclusion, coronavirus has serious impacts on stores and all the customer-requiring-places, so many things are changing in a short amount of time. It’s been about 3 months since coronavirus came to our world. Although we are trying our best, I think we should try even harder to find a way to help all the customer-requiring-places.

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