April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day

April fools day was four days ago. I want to share some fun tricks that you can do with donuts on April Fools’ day!

 1. Donut seeds

What would you think when there is a tree which bears donuts rather than flowers? I would think that this is great, since I can supply consumable donuts if they are safe to eat. To do this trick, you should have a paper pack that you can print the image on, and print some image on the top of the pack. Then, you just have to put some serials that have donut shapes!

If you want to print this packet, go to: https://www.printables4mom.com/april-fools-doughnut-seeds-printable/

 2. Creamy Donuts

When you buy plain glazed donuts that do not have a hole in the middle, try making creamy donuts filled with mayonnaise. You just have to cut the donut sideways, and put a large amount of mayonnaise between sliced donuts. People will think that this donut will be donut with cream in the middle!

3. Healthy donuts

When people try this fake donut, they will be disappointed at first, but they will enjoy it after tasting it! It is made of apples and whipped cream cheese, and you just have to cut apples sideways, make a hole in the middle, and put some whipped cream cheese on the top!

For more detailed instruction, go to: https://www.frugalcouponliving.com/healthy-april-fools-donuts/

4. How brave are you?

You just need a box of donuts, and label the top of the box with the words, “April Fools’!”. Then, only brave people will dare to open the free treat!

I hope you can try these tricks next time!!