Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Currently, Easter seems not so exciting as it was in other years, as COVID-19 is running rampantly. We can not go out, restaurants are closed, and events prepared for Easter are all canceled. Some restaurants and food shops are providing delivery services, but that is not enough to celebrate Easter.

One way to celebrate Easter while replacing the canceled events is by making foods by ourselves.

If people are worried about complicated instructions that always follow when making foods, they can decorate the foods they buy. For example, they can buy white chocolate glazed donuts and chocolate glaze to draw eyes on white chocolate glazed donuts, and they can buy marshmallows to make rabbit ears for donuts.

Some sites uploaded their receipt for decorating donuts into special easter donuts, and one of them is making cake donuts into a shape that resembles a bunny butt.


Another site that teaches about how to decorate donut to make the donut shape like an adorable rabbit is this: 


And if you want to cook seriously to make beautiful Easter donuts all made by yourself, there are various ways to do it, and one donut I want to share is Easter Egg donuts.

Easter Egg donut is an egg-shaped donut with decoration on the top, and this donut will remind you that today is Easter day. If you go to the site where it teaches you how to make it, they will teach you from beginning, about how to make egg-shaped donuts, to the end, how to decorate.


I hope you enjoyed the recipes and had a great Easter!