Today I had Donuts

Today I had Donuts

As the title says, today, I had some very awesome donuts from the morning to evening, which means that my day started with donuts and ended with donuts. Of course, the donuts were super great and since I had donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with other food, it made my day. I wouldn’t be this happy by now if I just had the other food, not including donuts, but the fact is that I thankfully had donuts every single meal today.

For my breakfast, I had donuts and Korean food called ‘kimchi-jjigae’ with rice. ‘Kimchi-jjigae’ is a food that can be described as kimchi stew. Kimchi is the main ingredient, and it can have tuna (tuna can) in it, ham (ie. Spam), scallion, meat, etc. It is one of the foods that represent Korea. Moreover, it’s really good when you eat it with rice. After I had kimchi-jjigae with rice, I had donuts for dessert, and oh my goodness, it just completed my breakfast perfectly. Honestly, I would try this again next time!

For my lunch, I had donuts, spaghetti, kimchi, and meat with rice. I think it’s pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. I was very full after lunch because those are A LOT of food. I had a whole plate of spaghetti, a whole bowl of rice with kimchi and meat, AND 2 donuts for dessert. By the way, the meat was so good because it was perfectly grilled, which means the outside was crispy and the inside was soft! Moreover, the spaghetti had the best collaboration between cream sauce, mushrooms, and spaghetti noodles. Last but not least, I had donuts for dessert, and it just made my lunch 10 times better. Personally, the whole thing was so good, I would love to have it again!

For my dinner, I had donuts and ramyeon (a.k.a. ramen). Dinner was pretty simple because I don’t like to eat a lot for dinner since you have more possibilities to gain more weight in the evenings. However, the real reason was that I ate 2 donuts first, not knowing I would eat ramyeon after it. When I think back to the time I finished lunch, I made my mind to not have dinner. But I just ended up eating 2 donuts, which was still a lot to me since it’s evening, but moreover, I ended up having a whole ramyeon! They were very good, but I was unhappy with myself because I did eat too much for lunch and decided to eat MORE. However, it’s all good. I just have to lose some weight by playing tennis, which I did today.

Today was a day that I spent the whole day with donuts. I’m glad that I did, and donuts did make my day. For some reason, I think I had more energy today than any other day because I ate donuts every single meal. It was a nice experience to have, and I would always love to do this again! But next time, I don’t want to eat as much as I did today because I was SO FULL.