Why I think People Like Donuts?

Why I think People Like Donuts?

I am sure we all have that one friend who is crazy about donuts, and if you don’t, I know you will have one soon. Well, I have friends who are crazy about donuts and so am I. One time, I was thinking about the reasons for liking donuts, and I could conclude with many reasons. However, the two main reasons why I think people like donuts are the sweetness of donuts and the impacts donuts have on us.

First of all, the sweetness of donuts is amazing, it makes me happy every time I eat donuts. The best thing about donuts is that the combination of the soft bread and the sweet glaze is awesome. As there are many advantages Donut-Lovers get, this is just one of the advantages that we get. For example, I was sick one day and I wanted something sweet and good. Well, the first food that came to my mind was donuts. So after eating them, I got so much better because it was one of those times when you get better by eating something you want to eat. This incident made me realize how grateful I am for the perfect donuts!

Second of all, the impacts donuts have on us are incredible because they have A LOT of impacts on us. For example, they give us the best fast and good breakfast in busy mornings, they are great for gifts, they can make our days by just being the sweet and cute donuts, they provide themselves to us with their best quality, etc. I don’t think any food can replace donuts when they are gone. In conclusion, this is the importance of donuts in our daily lives.

When there are plenty of reasons for people liking donuts, I think the sweetness of donuts and the impacts donuts have on us are the two main reasons. I’m very thankful that donuts are in our lives today and I believe we should all be thankful because they are so helpful to us.

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