National Donut Day 6/4/2021

National Donut Day 6/4/2021

June 4th is National Donut Day! I hope people enjoy the donuts and get some free donuts! When National Donut Day comes, look around and find which stores are providing national donut day events and free donuts!!

National donut day is always in the first week’s Friday of June. It is created to remember people who served food to the soldiers in World War I. It was started in 1938 to raise funds for Chicago’s The Salvation Army and to remember people in The Salvation Army who provided donuts to the soldiers.

The Salvation Army, created by Christians, was made to make poor people have life necessities. By doing so, they could make their beliefs into practice. This kind of action made them volunteer for World War I and go to France to do cooking to provide food for soldiers and to take care of refugees.

However, during World War I, the distance between The Salvation Army and soldiers in World War I was too far. This made the bread that The Salvation Army baked become unfresh during transportation. Consequently, soldiers working in front had to consume the unfresh meal.

Because of this, two members of The Salvation Army came up with the idea of providing donuts, and this made soldiers enjoy fresh bread. This achievement was known to other volunteers, and this led to the surplus production of the donuts to the Army to make them enjoy fresh bread.

The National Donut Day was created to raise funds for The Salvation Army, and it is still working as a fundraiser in some of the regions. However, it is also true that we can enjoy free donuts on this day! On upcoming June 4th, try to enjoy donuts that you want to try or taste your favorite donuts!