The Hard Work

The Hard Work

A donut, that looks very simple and easy to make, is food which many people put their hard work, effort, and their heart in it to make it. At first, I thought donut was an easy food to make because it looked easy to me since it was small with a simple shape. But when I tried making it, it was so much harder than I have expected.

The steps you have to take to make a donut is not something I can do by myself. First of all, for me, the kneading part was extremely hard and a little bit boring. I was bored because the kneading part is just about making the dough so you can’t see the shape or smell the donut. I get excited when I can see and smell the donut. Moreover, the kneading part also hurt my wrists a little because I had to do the same thing over and over again. This experience made me thankful for the people making the precious and delicious donuts for us every day.

The second part that got me was punching down the dough. In the beginning, I thought I would like this part because this part has the shape of a donut. But when I tried it, it was so much work to do. Every time you don’t have room to punch one out in the dough, you have to roll the dough again. Just imagine the work. You have to be strong enough to roll the dough over and over again and to punch them out. This part got me off-guard, but I’m grateful that I had a chance to roll the dough and punch them out.

Lastly, I was knocked down when I was in the cooking part. You have to set your eyes on the donuts every second because they cook fast. The moment you look away, the donut might be in danger. To make fresh donuts, you have to be looking at it. Moreover, you also have to flip the donuts at the exact time to make well-cooked donuts. It’s the cooking part that controls the color of the donuts. It can be the most important job.

I’ve learned many precious things from making donuts. One of the things I got to know by this experience is that people put a lot of effort into donuts and that they try their bests to make a better donut day by day. So what I thought of is that I should always try my best no matter what it is and what it does. Although it was a hard time, I learned many things from it and I think we all should thank the people making donuts for all of us.