Donuts Play a Big Part in our Daily Lives

Donuts Play a Big Part in our Daily Lives

Nowadays, I see donuts everywhere I go, like at Kroger, Walmart, Whole Foods, Sam’s, Costco, Food Lion, etc. What I’ve realized from this fact is that we rely on donuts a lot without knowing. Although donuts aren’t healthy, they play a big part in our daily lives by providing us the perfect breakfast, giving us happiness, and giving thousands of people a job.

First of all, donuts have already gotten a place in our lives by providing the perfect breakfast. This world has become a busy world where people don’t even have time to eat breakfast. However, the simplest, the freshest, and the most delicious breakfast, donuts, came to our lives and started giving us energy by providing the best breakfast. Let me give you an example. A few years ago, I didn’t like eating breakfast because I didn’t have enough time for it and I didn’t have an appetite in the mornings. But one morning, I saw donuts sitting on the table(my mom bought it) and they looked the best. They were freshly baked and the sweet smell went straight into my nose and made me have one donut. After the first one, I couldn’t stop myself from eating the next one and the next one because it was so warm, soft, and delicious! It’s a good thing they were simple and quick to eat because I wasn’t late to school. I’m so glad that donuts are in our lives today because the happiness that the donuts give us.

Second of all, there’s nothing I need to say about the fact that donuts are one of the things that bring happiness to us. In spite of how not healthy donuts are, donuts blow your mind when you eat the fresh, warm, and soft donuts. Not every donut shop sells fresh donuts that are made everyday mornings, but especially donut shops that are owned and run by Koreans always make donuts everyday mornings. Moreover, I love the energy that donuts give me when I eat them. Since donuts are sugary, it makes me happy, which helps me start my day with a good mood. This happened to me a few times. By eating fresh donuts in the mornings, I was in a good mood, so I started my day with good energy. When I think back, I am thankful for the people who worked so hard from dawn to gift us with freshly baked donuts. 

Lastly, donuts gave thousands of people their jobs that they get paid for their hard work. I can’t imagine how it would’ve been like if they didn’t have a job or donuts. I’ve seen many people around me changing their carriers/paths to donuts. Of course, the start was because of money, but as their lives went on, they’ve learned many things from working at a donut shop. I love donuts so much because they are so important in this society and for all of us.

In conclusion, donuts play a big part in our daily lives by providing us the perfect breakfast, happiness, and jobs. So we should give more love to donuts consistently, forever, to let the donuts expand more in every way, economy-wise and food-wise.