Remember Donuts

Remember Donuts

    I know you’re scared, feel like your time has stopped, the world is going on without you and everyone is doing fine except for you, but trust me, almost EVERYONE is feeling that way, including me. I’m happy for you if you don’t feel this way. Anyway, since our world is going through this big, serious and horrible time, I thought maybe we forgot the good and positive things around us and should be reminded of how there are plenty of them if we just take a second to look around.

    I think one of the things we forgot but is very good, positive and important is donuts. I haven’t had donuts for a few weeks, so I miss them and want them so much. The shape, which is round with a hole in it, is so unique but we haven’t realized the uniqueness because we are so used to it, the softness of a donut is like gold dust, the sweetness is like a dream, and the combination of all of them is everything you need! One of the reasons why I can’t wait for this time to be over is that I want donuts so much. I will order online, but I’m also gonna get donuts right after the quarantine is over.

    Donuts are one of the things we forgot that are good, positive, and important, but there are plenty of other things like family, friends, food, home, phone, computer, safeness, doctors, nurses, scientists, etc. If there weren’t people around me who care for me and I had to take care of everything, then I think I would’ve been so lost during this time, but since I have my family and my friends, I’m doing so great and I don’t even feel lost at all. Moreover, I’m thankful that I have a place called ‘home’ because I can stay at home and be safe from everything. Also, I’m glad that I have a phone and a computer because these two are the reasons why I can stay connected with my friends and know about the things going around in this world. Last but never the least, I’m so grateful for doctors, nurses, and the scientists who try their bests to figure out a way to solve this problem and who care about patients more than themselves.

     Like I said, there are so many things we should be thankful for that are positive, good, and important if we just take a second to look around. Many of us are working hard to make the best out of it, but some of us have to try harder and all you have to do is find things to be thankful for. I know we can get through this and I know we will. Just don’t forget how good donuts are and order online if you want it so much!

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