Too Cold! Too Dangerous!

Too Cold! Too Dangerous!

Recently, Texas experienced a rare event, heavy snowfall. Since Texas is close to the Equator, they have high average temperatures, and the temperature usually did not drop below the freezing point. However, heavy snowfall came to Texas in recent years. Snowing days can be enjoyable to people, but they should also be aware of dangers.

First of all, snowing days can make the road slippery. This will make people unable to stop cars as they wanted, making driving very dangerous. Other cities have used different methods to melt the frozen roads. However, this is not the case in Texas. Although the frequent movement of cars removed ices on some of the roads, there are still many parts that ice did not melt, making cars unable to stop at the right time, drivers should pay attention to the roads around them and when they will start trying to stop.

The event that many Texas residents experienced, an electricity outage, is another danger caused by extreme temperature. Electricity in Texas is mostly coming from natural gas, but natural gas wells in Texas and natural gas storage facilities are frozen, making people unable to get the electricity due to lack of resources that produces the electricity. Because of this, some of the cities asked people to be in warming houses, so that people experiencing electricity outages do not have to shiver in the cold in their home without a heater.

An additional circumstance that makes people in danger is the lack of water. Many of the Texas cities are asking people to turn off water rather than keeping faucets open so that the city can save the water. Because of the several days of heavy snow, people were keeping faucets open to prevent water pipes from freezing. And this freezing weather made water supply to have difficulties in transporting. These made water tanks to show low levels of water and to have degraded water quality. Waters are needed to catch fires and to keep patients clean and healthy, but with low levels of water with a bad quality set firefighters and hospitals to be in a difficult position. Also, people are in an inconvenient situation as they could no longer use water from the faucet or sink directly to wash their mouths or faces.

Having a lot of snow is surely a rare experience for Texans, and playing with snow will be fun for children. There are many dangers when there is heavy snowfall or very low temperatures but just beware of the dangers, then you will be able to have fun with snow safely.