Luxurious Donuts

Luxurious Donuts

Last time, we talked about donut shops that were in the movies. I got an idea from that, as I saw some donuts that were unique while looking for donut shops that were in movies. Today, I would like to share some unique donuts that are very different from donuts we commonly see, in a way of its price and shape.

  1. Giant Donut

The first donut is the 10 inch donut that can feed up to 15 people. This donut’s size is about an adult’s forearm. This donut is first sold in London, and the price is about 80 dollars. What a big and expensive donut this is!

  1. Golden Cristal Ube Donut

This donut has a price range around 100 dollars. The reason why this donut is so expensive is because there is actual gold provided with this donut. 24k gold dust will decorate the top of this donut with gold leaf, which is also 24k. Who would have ever thought about combining gold and donuts together?

  1. Krispy Kreme’s Most Expensive Doughnut

Krispy Kreme is a donut shop brand that is famous. However, have you ever heard about this donut? It was a one time event donut, and the price of this was 1344.12 dollars. This donut not only had 24k gold decorations, but went much further than that, and added the edible diamond as its decoration. Very surprising donut for sure.

It is surprising to see these donuts. gold as the decoration, these donuts showed what luxury really is. I hope you enjoyed learning about these donuts.