Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Day by day, the world is overflowing with the increasing number of infected people. COVID-19 is trying hard to get us all. But we can’t and shouldn’t be scared of it. The only thing you have to do is staying home and it’s that plain and simple.

However, it will be a bit different when it comes to the new year. Many people want to celebrate the new year with people they know, but COVID-19 is forcing people to have distance from each other. There is 6 feet apart rule, that makes people to be separated from one to another, and the maximum people number limit in the building made people more difficult to meet face to face.

However, there are still ways to celebrate the new year. Meeting people is an essential thing in the new year. In the time of quarantine, people can see and meet people through online video conference apps. For example, zoom and discord. Since many technologies make people able to see many people at the same time, people can meet others virtually.

Another way to celebrate is by joining the famous activities with reservation, and for people who can not reserve a seat in a famous event on new year’s eve, the event administrators offer live. For example, a new year’s eve event took place in New York’s Time Square, and the only change that they made from last year was to make people to be kept in a loop, making a smaller number of people watch the new year’s eve event safely by spreading them apart. It goes for the London new year’s eve event too. London’s firework event in 2021 was lived to make people able to see the fireworks even when they could not see, and only selected people with tickets could watch the London fireworks directly.

Although COVID-19 is restricting people from freely moving around, there are still various ways to feel the new year’s eve party. I hope you enjoy new year’s eve!