Restaurant Advertising

Restaurant Advertising

Because of the coronavirus, people started to order more online than actually visiting the store. However, people started using online ordering based on their knowledge about which restaurant offers online ordering. To survive in this situation, restaurants should focus on making themselves known to people using advertisements. Then, what would be an efficient way to advertise?

The first way is advertising on the other platforms, like Grubhub, Doordash, Uber Eats, and Postmates can provide service that can make your restaurants more known to people. They can advertise the restaurants because many people are using these platforms, which makes people able to know certain restaurants if they are placed on the first page when the customers look for restaurants that provide certain types of foods.

Although this is an effective advertising method, this is not a suitable option to choose from because of the cost. The third-party delivery service providers usually take an extra 20% of the restaurant’s income, which makes around 50% of the income of restaurants to go to delivery providers and 35% if restaurants did not sign up for the delivery service.

Another method of advertising is making people know about the restaurant by using social media. It is the method that is widely used right now, and it is based on photography skills and tags that will attract customers. The cost of this advertisement is small, as people can simply hire professional photographers.

Also, there are methods like using google. When people search for restaurants, they look for information mostly on google. If restaurant owners sign up for a Google + account, when customers search in google about restaurants, they can see the information that restaurant owners provided using Google + account. By using this method, restaurant owners can promote their delivery systems and their ordering methods.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is ongoing, but more and more people are starting to go out. And restaurants, including donut shops, could accept people. After this coronavirus, I hope donut shops can welcome a lot of customers.