Will Coronavirus end?

Will Coronavirus end?

Restaurants are slowly making themselves fully functional, as Texas law allows restaurants to make customers use 75% of the facility seats. Around Dallas, there are about 30,000 confirmed coronavirus holders. As Texas law slowly starts to allow people to stop quarantine and go to enjoy the free time they have, the stores will gradually recover their store profits that were severely damaged because of the coronavirus. 

There are still people who are doing quarantine. They are worried about coronavirus as there are many confirmed cases about coronavirus around Dallas. And in many parts of the world, governments are enforcing quarantine with the law. These enforcements are especially active for places with large numbers of residents, as large numbers of residents mean many interactions of the people, and this makes viruses spread easily. New York City is one example; they had to form a regulation act about quarantine, as they can make coronavirus spread fast if regulations are not strict because of many interactions of people.

However, Texas did not enforce the quarantine with the law and is trying to ease the regulations about the quarantine acts that they made previously. On May 1st, the government allowed restaurants to use 25% of the seats in restaurants for customers, and allowed many other places to open, including Museums, Libraries, and Movie theaters. These acts made regulations that made quarantine at ease occurred many times. On May 5th, churches and weddings were able to open, and on May 8th, various types of salons were allowed to open. Many other acts occurred on May 18th, May 22nd, May 26th, May 29th, May 31st, and June 3rd, and these made almost all the businesses open and function about 50%. On June 3rd, the government even allowed amusement parks to open.

People are starting to come out of their houses more often than a few months ago, and this will make many businesses lively again, including donut shops. After the coronavirus pandemic, it will not be the same as before the coronavirus pandemic. However, by the use of delivery services, stores will be able to provide more comfortable services to customers.

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