Things are Getting Better!

Things are Getting Better!

    Nowadays, things are getting better day by day and it seems like everyone is getting hold of this time. I’ve already seen a few open stores, and even the tennis courts are open! This is great news for me because I have been stuck in my house doing nothing, but now I can play tennis. Anyway, it’s important to know that things are getting so much better day by day and that we are getting through this together.

    Although this time didn’t end yet and we don’t know when it’s going to end, but we’re getting there step by step. I know many of us are scared because of this time and I know some of us are not. I also know that most of us are bored because we’re in the same place every day with the same people. But I think we should use this as a good chance to get to know each other better. It doesn’t matter who you’re with and who you’re not with. Just think about what you know about the people around you, how you can have a better relationship, how you can make their day better, and what you’re gonna do to make the people you love happier when you get to see them after this time(the people you can’t see right now). No matter what, everything can be a good thing if you look for the bright side.

    Moreover, there are so many entertaining things we can do while being safe. For example, I can go play tennis with my family. Mr family love tennis because it helps us exercise, it’s so entertaining, etc. Also, I can go get fresh donuts! I mean, donuts are always, always good. Additionally, I can go to a park around my house and do some running or I can go to a lake or a river or a sea(it’s not around my house) around my house and feel the freshness of the water. There are so many entertaining things around us if we just try to find them. So find them and have some nice time with anyone or just by yourself and also have some fun.

    Things are getting better and we are doing better. We don’t know when this is going to end, but I want us to use this time as a chance for something. I want us to know that we’re so much stronger, bigger, and smarter than this time. Find things that would entertain you and also find good chances. Lastly, stay safe.

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