Coronavirus is still rampant outside. Especially, the United States of America is having one-third of the coronavirus patients in the world. This coronavirus has changed many things, and it is still making many changes.

Coronavirus made people do quarantine and made restaurants unable to providing dine-in options to the customers when it started. It was started on March 19, 2020, in Texas as the Texas government enforced the act that restricted the working of the businesses.

However, on April 30, 2020, new actions were made by the governments, which can make restaurants able to open 25% of the door. This was welcomed by the restaurant owners, including donut owners. Also, this will increase the profits that donut shops get as people will be more prone to go out to buy based on the feeling that it is more safe caused by the government’s permission about opening the restaurants.

This increase in profit can make donut shops not necessary to have to provide the delivery services as it can go back to normal as it did before the coronavirus outbreak. However, since the coronavirus outbreak has not finished yet, it is preferred to make the safe move.

Because restaurants open the dine-in option, people will increase the interaction between each other, and this can lead to disastrous endings as it can rapidly spread the coronavirus. Then, businesses who did not prepare about the second coronavirus outbreak can be damaged again.

The opening of the restaurant dine-in options is beneficial to the restaurants including donut shops for now. However, it is too early to relax, as coronavirus has not stopped completely. People should not rely on dine-in options and should prepare for the second coronavirus outbreak by using many methods, including delivery services providing, until the number of coronavirus patients is reduced significantly.