Types of Donuts

Types of Donuts


These are the sprinkled donuts. There are many types of sprinkled donuts, but these are the main ones. Chocolate with Sprinkle, White with Sprinkle, and Strawberry with Sprinkle. I LOVE sprinkled donuts so so much because they make everything so good and colorful. I can’t imagine what I’d do without them!


These are cake donuts. There are also many types of cake donuts, but these are my favorites AND the main ones. The Glazed Cake, Red velvet Cake, Blueberry Cake, and the Chocolate Cake (and other types of cake donuts like Devil’s Food Cake, Plain Cake, Cinnamon Sugar Cake, etc.)  literally taste like a cake, but better. LOVE THEM!


These are also cake donuts, but as you can see, they’re different. These are Glazed Buttermilk Cake and Chocolate Buttermilk Cake. Now, these taste from just cake donuts. But they are also SUPER good in their own way and I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH!


These are character donuts. I won’t say a lot since I’ve already introduced these in another writing and said A LOT about these, but I need to say this: these are GOOD and UNIQUE.

Character Donuts: https://txdonut.com/2020/03/29/cute-donuts/


Okay, I LOVE DONUT HOLES! They are the perfect size for me. I love how they’re small and so simple. The Glazed Donut Hole, Chocolate Donut Hole, Sprinkle Donut Hole, and just every donut holes are the best!

    There are so many more types of donuts in donut shops and not even just donuts, but there are also other things in donut shops like twists, eclairs, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, sausage rolls, etc. I hope these pieces of information helped you at least a little bit! FYI, everything in donut shops is good!