Why Korean Donut Shops should be Under One Name.

Why Korean Donut Shops should be Under One Name.

There are about 1,600 donut shops that are run Koreans in DFW. You might think, ‘that’s a lot of chain stores.’ However, the thing is, they are not chain stores, but just plenty of different donuts shops owned by Koreans in one area. Obviously, there are many advantages of being separate, but there are also definitely many disadvantages to being separate. Although it might be a hard job, I think it would be best if all the Korean donut shops unite and become one big donut shop with many chain stores.

One of the reasons why the Korean donut shops should unite is that it’s easier for customers. All customers judge the quality of every supermarket, restaurant, mall, outlet, etc. and of course, donut shops. Although it would be hard for the customers to judge the quality of all the different Korean donut shops because there are too many of them. They would have to be like, ‘this store is a 5, this store is a 3, this store is a 4…’ so on and so forth. However, if there are many donut shops under the same name, wouldn’t the customers be able to judge the quality of the donut shops very conveniently? By doing this, people can have the thought of Korean donut shops being the best in their mindset.

Second, the owners of Korean donut shops can have connections and help each other out. Right now, even if one of the Korean donut shops have problems with their machine or just anything, I don’t think the other Korean donut shops are going to help. But what if they were under one name? In my opinion, I think they would’ve helped each other out and talk to each other (having connections). By doing this, the owners can have more fun doing work by having connections with other Korean donut shop owners and get help from them when needed.

In conclusion, by all the Korean donut shops in DFW being under one name, it can have many advantages for customers and owners. So because it has many advantages, I think Korean donut shops should be under one name.

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