When Will The Change Come?

When Will The Change Come?

Still, many people are suffering from Coronavirus Pandemic. And still, the businesses are not working well, and the economy is not flowing well, as a result of the reduction of the people’s outside activities. When will this situation end?

People are starting to adapt to the current situation, and many businesses began to make a profit in a way that can reduce the danger of coronavirus spreading. Some of the businesses, like movie theaters and markets, are doing manual sanitizing, which is making all the employees wipe the buildings with sanitizers. And others are making people unable to enter the building and always make people require masks. These actions made people safer to use services provided to them, but the main problem is that people do not want to come out.

However, people slowly have to change their behavior, as school days are coming up. As the school day starts, people who go to an offline school have to meet many people and consequently have to be exposed to the danger of getting a coronavirus. Also, there are tests necessary, like SATs for students, which make people stay in certain areas for a long time with many other people. Even if people want to maintain their behavior of social distancing, they have to meet many people by going to school or have their family members going to school to meet many people.

Going to school will be a notable point of the coronavirus pandemic. I hope students can take care of their health as well.

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