Popular Donuts

Popular Donuts

Super bowl starts tomorrow. There will be people who are planning to make a party during the super bowl season to watch the super bowl games with friends. In that kind of parties, donuts can not be excluded!

Since thousands of donut shops are always trying to make new type of donuts, no list can include all of the donuts, but some of the donuts are very popular, that people can get from almost every donut shops.

1.Glazed Donut

Glazed donut is the most popular donut that we can even say that all donut shops have this donut. It’s sugary coating at the top make you taste crusty sweetness when you chew. It will be one of the images that people think when they hear the word “Donut.”

2. Chocolate glazed donut & Chocolate frosted donut

These donuts are popular. Chocolate glazed donut is covered with chocolate layers, and Chocolate frosted donut is not only covered with Chocolate layers but also has sprinkles on top! These are good donuts for the chocolate lovers.

3. Boston Cream Donut

Donuts until now had only bread on the bottom and coating on the top. But this donut is different! It has no holes in the center, puts jam or cream in the middle of the donut, and puts some coatings at the top!

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4. Kolache

This is not identified as a type of donuts, but some donut shops provide this. It is a food that places batter as the base and fruit or fruit jam in the middle. By making the edge of the dough like a container, this food holds fruit in the middle. One type of Kolache that does not place fruit in the middle is sausage kolache, which replaces fruits with sausages, and it is one of the popular menu in donut shops!

5. Twist donuts

Twisted donuts are donuts turned by hand during the dough stage, and goes right into the oven. After it is baked, various coatings are added to make it more tasty!