How Donuts are made

How Donuts are made

Donuts are Delicious. They are always sweet and crispy when it is out in the morning. It is because people who make donuts put a lot of effort into making the best donuts.

The donut making process is the same for most of the donut shops. First, people make a dough by mixing flour and yeast using a dough mixer. After about 6-7 minutes, they remove the dough from the dough mixer to knead the dough by pulling and stretching the dough, making donuts softer when baked. After kneading for 6 to 7 minutes, the dough is left for 10 minutes to let yeast do its job: making the air in the dough. This is essential to make fluffy donuts that will melt in everyone’s mouth.

After making the dough, they make shapes with a donut cutter, which enables people to make the donut in the perfect shape by just pressing the cutter into the dough. Then, the donut-shaped dough is moved into the oven and baked. The oven is usually set to 125 ° F to make the dough rise slowly as a result of yeast working actively. And the baking process in the oven often takes about 30 minutes.

When people bake the dough, the dough turns into donuts. But after that, there are more procedures needed to make donuts, and the first one is frying the donuts. It will let the glazing step–the next step–to be easier, and it will make the outside of the donut very crispy.

Next is the glazing step, which usually gives color and taste to the donut. By showering the glaze on the hot donut that just came out from the fryer, the glaze covers the donut.

All the steps until now are the same processes that everyone goes through when making donuts. However, for donut shop ownders, they have to make a lot of donuts before 6 a.m. because people want fresh and crispy donuts in the morning instead of donuts that are made yesterday, that lost the crispness.

Because of this, they go to their donut shops at about 2 in the morning to start making donuts. They have to drive in the dark and make donuts before dawn. First of all, they have to make the dough, and this will take about half an hour to an hour. This long dough making process definitely makes people’s arms sore.

However, they did not finished their tasks. They have to make sure that the dough is not burning inside the oven, and they have to put in and pull out the donuts from the fryer, sometimes with their bare hands.

Therefore, donut shop workers have to sleep early–they have to withstand the hard work that happens at dawn–at about 7 or 8 p.m., which will sometimes reduce the time with their family.

The hard work that donut shop workers have to do in the morning is very tiresome and can also be very stressful. Also, the time they can be awake is limited, so it can reduce the time of being in contact with their close ones. However, to make fresh donuts to their customers, they do it. So, why don’t we say “thank you” whenever we buy donuts?