Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great New Year. As the new year comes, donut shops are coming up with deals. COVID – 19 has made many donut shops go through difficult times. However, Since COVID – 19 problems got a little better now, why not go out and explore some donut shops and buy some donuts?

As COVID – 19 has started, people stopped their feet from heading to the donut shops. Donut shops, who are the producers of donuts, withered due to drastically decreased number of consumers that visit the shop. Donut shops tried to find ways to survive, and found few solutions. 

Some people decided to use third party delivery services, but these deliveries were not better then times before COVID – 19. Donut shops had to pay fees to delivery services, each time a donut was delivered, so donut shops had to either raise their donut price, or decrease their net profit they get for each donut. If they raise their donut price, less people will buy donuts, and this will also result in a decrease in net profit. This decreased profit made donut shops stay open, so other people started to close their donut shops temporarily. They decided to find other jobs that can support their life, rather than working in a donut shop that burdens them. 

However, people are slowly starting to move around, visit some markets, or amusement parks. Mask mandatory has been removed, restrictions on meetings were removed, and the number of quarantines has been reduced. Slowly, Donut shops will be able to work normally. I hope this year, Donut shops can 100% work normally, like they did before the COVID – 19 crisis. 

Some donut shops are providing donut deals, as the New Year came up. They discount the donut bundle, and some donut shops are doing a ‘buy one, get one’ event. I hope you can enjoy these deals, have some tasty donuts, and help donut shops get through this crisis!