Donut Shops’ Ways

Donut Shops’ Ways

Due to the COVID -19 crisis, people were having a hard time. The economy was destroyed, people were confined in their rooms, and could not go meet other people outside. Donut shops were one of the areas of the economy that got damaged badly by this. Today, I would like to explore the ways these donut shops have used to overcome the hardship provided by this crisis.

First method is using the delivery service and drive through system. These were the methods that I have already introduced a lot, when the COVID crisis started. These made donut shops still able to interact with their customers, and although it was difficult, donut shops still could open their doors. However, there were some other methods that helped donut shops to withstand this hardship.

Another method that was unique was the mailing donut system. This mailing system is sending donuts that were pre-ordered a day before to people using the mail system. The key point of this mailing system was sending the donut to customers in 24 hours, so as not to lose the donut’s freshness. The donut shop that have used this method were able to extend their range of customers to people in outer states, making the increase in profit to cover the damage caused by COVID – 19.

Third method I would like to talk about is the donut shops providing donuts to the markets, or the government. By providing donuts to the market and government, donut shops can safely sell their donuts, although at a little less price than when people sell the donuts individually. By providing to the market, people could buy donuts from markets too, and by providing to the government, the donuts can go to people in need, as a food.

The last method I would like to talk about is the made-to-order donut. People like to make their own things. That is why Subway was popular. That is why pizza restaurants with make-your-own options are popular. And this holds true even when it comes to donut shops. Donut shop that have implemented this method saied that their sales rate has increased.

Today, we have explored some other unique methods of donut shops during the COVID – 19. I hope you have enjoyed learning about it.