Donut Shops in Movies

Donut Shops in Movies

I hope you are having a good winter, and today, I would like to explore donut shops that have been shown in movies. Since COVID – 19 crisis is slowly resolving, and people have started to go to theaters to watch some movies, I would like to talk about some donut shops that are hidden in movies.

  1. “Peter Pan” from “Spiderman: No way home”

The movie “Spiderman: No way home” came out recently. In that movie, Donut shop called “Peter Pan” showed up as one of the important places. The interesting point is that the movie director of the Spiderman movie said he went to the “Peter Pan” donut shop frequently, and lived close to that donut shop.

  1. “Donut Time” from “Tangerine”

In the movie “Tangerine,” there are scenes where heroines gather for gossip. This hollywood donut shop is “Donut TIme.” This donut shop had many transgender workers, like the movie “Tangerine” illustrated. However, it was closed a few years ago.

  1. “Randy’s Donut”

This donut shop has become a landmark for coming out in many movies and tv series. “Kissing Booth 3,” “Iron Man 2,” and “Problem Child 2” were some movies and tv series that this donut shop showed up. Also, this donut shop was located in the place where people could see the Space Shuttle being fired into space, which made this donut shop much more popular.

There are other donut shops too, either fictional or real. However, since the donut shops in here are donut shops that exist or existed, why not visit it when you get curious?