Daily Schedule of Donut Shop Workers

Daily Schedule of Donut Shop Workers

Donuts are a great breakfast. They are warm and sweet, making you start the day fresh. However, to deliver delicious donuts to people, donut shop workers start their day very early. Let’s explore the daily life of donut shop workers.

1 a.m. ————————-

Donut shop workers wake up from their sleep. They prepare to go to work, and usually arrive at their workplace at 2 a.m.

2 a.m. ————————-

They start cleaning up the shop. They clean the floor, they clean the tools they will use when they use donuts. They check if every resource for making donuts is in place. 

3 a.m. ————————-

After they finish cleaning, they start making the dough. Some donut shops do this step a day before. And when the dough is made, donut shop workers start to make a shape from the dough that is made.

5 a.m. ————————–

After the dough got its shape, donut shop workers fry the donuts. They then cool the donuts, and decorate the donuts 

6 a.m. ————————–

After finishing their decoration, donuts are now ready to be displayed to the customers, and the store opens its door. Donut shop workers sell the donuts to the customers, while they occasionally have to make the donuts that have run out. 

11 a.m. ————————

After the busy 5 hour work, the donut shop closes its door, and the donut shop workers make the dough that will be used for tomorrow.

To provide tasty donuts to people, donut shop workers wake up very early to prepare. To show respect to their work, why not say some “thank you” to them?